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The drunk!Shion scene from the Drama CD, translation under read more~ Enjoy!

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fuck anime

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Just imagine Nezumi, during one night of his journey, getting walled up in some shabby apartment with just a wisp of light breaking through the curtains, and him waking up in the haze of sleep, shuffling off to use the small heater to boil some water, and him turning to ask if Shion wants some…..

are you the devil

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Final projects are kicking my ass, so my progress on another comic-y thing I want to do for Apollo and Clay is going really slowly. In the meantime, have some quick fanart for Samurai Flamenco, an amazingly ridiculous show that I got to finish a week or two ago. I still don’t know how to handle my feelings after watching it…


Just a lil 5 minute sketch to distract me from more important things I should do… (Wait, drawing Nezushi and Shion hugging IS important! ò_Ó)

shit wrong blog
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